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The Game Has Changed

The game has changed in American national politics. The players must change as well.

This is no longer a game between less taxes and more taxes. This is no longer a game of more government assistance programs vs less government assistance programs. It’s a much darker, much more dangerous game now. This is a game for the very nature and soul of this country. It’s effectively open combat between the forces of liberty and sanity vs. the forces of repression and madness. It’s that serious.

The Democratic Party is woefully unprepared to fight this battle. Despite a handful of stars like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the bench and most of the first string are  weak and ineffective. They are uninspiring and lack the demeanor and passion required to fight hard for what they believe. They are riding on the decades-long inertia of union and government service sector support — both of which are dead and dying — and are incapable of the shift in tone and strategy required to save this country from the Cheeto Demon and his cadre of sycophants.

This is why the House Democrats must reject Nancy Pelosi as their House Minority Leader, and find someone new. She, like Hillary Clinton, represents the old, tired Democratic Party. That party is dead, and frankly, good riddance to it.

The Democratic Party needs to swerve away from tired, old, union-fed liberalism and change their modus operandi outright. Their new strategy must include:

  • Appealing to younger voters before they are captured by anger-fueled media outlets like Fox News and Breitbart
  • Giving minorities an actual, active role in their party, instead of the chronic lip service they’ve been given over the decades
  • Shifting Democratic economic policies towards building a strong freelance economy, including the support mechanisms to enable it, which is the only way the middle class will succeed in the future
  • Shift away from tax-and-spend arguments, including the wage gap (which makes them sound like they are anti-success), and shift toward being a country whose foundation is civil liberties, sane political discourse, and social and economic progress for all Americans

Nancy Pelosi is has been one of many at the Democratic Party helm for far too long. They’ve struck the iceberg, someone else must steer the lifeboats.


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