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America’s Greatest Civilian

Martin Luther King’s birthday was January 15th. Many American schools, governments and businesses are closed on Monday to honor him.

The subtitle of this post is America’s Greatest Civilian, and I truly believe that. I can’t think of another civilian in all of American history who did so much for the country as he did. This was a man who put everything on the line to make the world a better place for the downtrodden, and paid the ultimate price for it. He now stands as a symbol of peace, and hope, and courage for folks of all races. There have been few like him in all of human history, never mind American history.

I find it a big creepy to say “Happy MLK Day” to honor a life started in difficulty, lived through adversity, and ended in tragedy, so instead I’ll say “take a few minutes to reflect on MLK’s life, and then enjoy the day off”.

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